Hiding and Revealing

Using strategy “ Hiding and Revealing” which is a popular and favorite model across many aspects of life. It appears everywhere such as; politics, economics, society... My works do not evade from this phenomenon.

I saw myself as an observer of society, have brought into play methods to express the complicated state of the society. To hide is also to reveal. But in fact, these ideals have always hidden questionable realities. They are two sides of one coin. By ‘Revealing’ we can recognize unavoidable and irrational behaviors of ‘Hiding’

In my works, I have created a thin line between reality and imagination; I wish to show the dual-meanings of messages in the redundancy of ‘Hiding’. We are so used to “Camouflage Manners” that this way of existing, that is in everything and everywhere, has become inevitable…. in which mutation, the pressure of memories, social concerns, improvisation and physical-ism have been mixed up, blended up together.