Character 1: My Personal Experiences

I have concerned with a deep understanding about the substance of a human being’s existence. Therefore, I had a strong desire to examine myself, as well as the complicated connection between individual and society through making artworks. My works were also the mixture of imagination and the truth of deep thought, like the borderline between reality and dream.

Character 2: Exploding New Medias and Materials

I was inspired by identifying my identity, I was more curious to pushed my self in different stages and understanding on my own. But then, with alterable ways of approaching to my own identity, I can see my self as no-identity or blend- transforming one that is close to the way how society or natural world can go through your self.

Character 3: Researching and new communications

These practices were based upon my observations and research of development of societies in different countries and amongst different communities. I see society and these communities as continuously changing, adapting, trying yet unable to bridge the distance between individuals with each other, and their surroundings and nature, between the superficial desires of contemporary life and more basic human (and universal) instincts. My practices looked at the boundary of being, of the ways in which we experience and explore our worlds, often observing that we do not really push the limits of that encounter. The artworks that evolve from these are site-specific, and attempts to reconsider and reconstitute the conceptual experiments.

Character 4: Conceptual art projects

For the concept of creation, it is close to the way you want to create your world, you are looking for your own meaning of things with a self-responsibility. By working to find my self as an “insider-outsider” of society, my art is made to fit in a changing world that is needed for nonstop questions of ‘Who are you?’ and ‘What are you doing?’.