A Case Study of an Image

Location: Nhasan Collective, Hanoi, 2016


IMAGE is more universal and more democratic than money. It is, moreover, a more effective medium than money, for more can be said than can be bought and sold. But above all, the IMAGE of social power relations gives to every individual human the possibility of contradicting power, fate and life - of criticizing them, accusing them, cursing them. IMAGE is the medium of equality. When IMAGE becomes linguistic, it is compelled to operate under the conditions of the equality of all speakers - whether it wishes to or not. Admittedly, the equality of IMAGE is distorted and even destroyed if it is demanded that all speakers construct arguments of formal-logical validity. But the task of IMAGE is precisely that of freeing humans from oppression by formal-logically valid language. IMAGE is a type of desire, for it is defined as the unfulfilled and unfulfillable love of wisdom. But it is a desire that has been totally linguistified, and its paradoxicality has thus been made transparent. IMAGE is an institution that offers humans the chance to live in self-contradiction without having to hide this fact. On this basis, the wish to expand this institution to the whole of society can never be wholly suppressed.

In reference from the book " The Communis Postscript", 2009 by Boris Groys and a write "What was implied but not said", 2012 by June Yap