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Growing up


Choreographed by Tuan Mami for Nottle Hooyong Performing Arts Center

Location: Hooyong-ri Village's sport playground, South Korea

Duration: 45 minutes

Performed by : Tuan Mami, Yoon Giwon,  Koon Kwon, and Local Grandma


By inspiring from an encounter with Mr. Changyeon Kim, a priest from Hooyong-ri Village, who opens a free cafe bar, a minimal self-made interior place next to his church to support community to have a public space for gathering. The twist of social services, the mix of religious-holy space with relax-community one are strongly contrasted and break-through boundary idea of our modern day.

My work tries to bring people from different-field of works into a random art process. Through the diversity of simple-mysterious actions, it brings different religious ideas together to share and discuss about our relationship between one and the others, about human in connection with its nature and natural world. The work presents a moment when parallel worlds meet.

-The moment when parallel worlds meet

-The moment when religions are transcended into one

- The moment when Life meets Myths

- An imagination of the past-present-future human’s fate

- A transformation of functions and communication

- a human religion and myth of all kinds (A meeting of Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism...)

- Mythology of future