Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No6)

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The Land of Spirit and Mythology

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Rehearsal In One's Breath

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The cover no5

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New coversation

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talk and talk

The Conception

Growing up

The Land of Spirit and Mythology

‘The Land of Spirit and Methology’

Duration: 10 days

Commission work for IsLand Bar, a laboratory project organize by Taipei Arts Festival




In ‘ The Land of Spirit and Methology’ performance, I create a cave/bar on a roof of Taiwanese political/historical building. The idea aims to raise spirit of all kinds to meet gods of nature. In a set and act as a ceremony to our gods of nature, audiences and I sharing drinks which made by our wishes and discussions base on our feeling and thoughts of nature.

The liquors I prepare for our drinks come from my long research [ In One Breath-Nothing Stands Still] which I went to mountain areas where the stone mining industry were taking place. They were blowing up mountains and all living creatures, plants, … I collected ‘left-over’ fruits and medicinal herbs for blending with Rice wine. The last wine from old mountain town and last herbal spirits from the Medicine Valley would give you deepest spirit from nature where/when it is run/demolished by/from human.


Ingredient of my spirits

Type 1: Wild banana and Pineapple spirits?Sweet, easy to drink and balanced.?Wild banana can help improve several health issues such as insomnia, kidney stones, lack of sexual drive, general pain; and is very good for our digestive system.?Wild pineapple can help invigorate and nourish the blood, improve our general well-being, and cleanse our body of toxics.

Type 2: ‘Bloody’ bark spirits?Astringent, bitter and balanced.?The bark of the locally-called “Bloody tree” (its scientific name Pleomele cochinchinensis) is used to eliminate blood clots and stagnation, swollen glands, rheumatism, back pain and general fatique.


Photos credit by ©Gele´e Lai