Celebration Of Our Moment And Love

Being from Hanoi means being born into a powerful and complex set of relationships. The pressures of a hard daily existence, societal constraints, and a severe political regime shape these relationships. For Vietnamese people today, sharing and banding together is a good way to protect against a harsh world.

Our social relationships embody multiple aspects of our reality and also the spirit of Vietnamese people. Through personal relationships we can touch and understand the structures of society, of reality, and of culture. Relationships reveal the co-mingling of people’s perceptions of life. My deepest concern is to examine how we are living. That is the backbone of this work.

“Celebration of our moment and love” aims to honor our existence in this moment, how we love within this tense and chaotic environment. There is a sense of the fragility in each moment of existence; in its brokenness and continual disappearance.

This fragility exists in relationships between humans, between actions, and between senses.  

This work is for the love of

Someone like a mother,

Someone like a father,

Someone like a sister/brother,

Someone like a beloved,

Someone like a lover,

Someone like a friend,

Someone like a stranger

Exchange and collaboration are fundamental to my creative process. I step back from my role to leave space for others to do art and to be the artist. This is the game of transforming conceptions of what art is. What is in a form of art? What are artworks, what is an artist?