Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No6)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No5)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No4)

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Confusion Is Chaos Buried

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Rehearsal In One's Breath

In One's Breath-Nothing Stand Still. Chapter 2

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22398 steps- 35 hours- 45 square meters- 35 Chinese's ink liters

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The cover no7

The cover no6

The cover no5

The cover no 4

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New coversation

The cover No 1


talk and talk

The Conception

Growing up

Confusion Is Chaos Buried

Confusion is Chaos Buried

2019 - 2020 

The project as:

- A research about Vietnamese immigrated community in Czech Republic.

- A site-specific and performative-installation.

- A free hotel or market zone.

- A social Platform in progress.


Courtesy Tuan Mami Commissioned and produced by Biennale Matter of Art during his repeated visits to the Czech Republic, Tuan Mami worked and made friends with several generations of the Vietnamese diaspora in the Czech Republic, with whom he co-organized several community events presenting the art of the community’s younger and middle generations. His work is inspired by the story of his childhood friend, Mr. Cuong, who even after twenty years in the Czech Republic does not feel at home here, and – faced with a variety of existential difficulties – yearns to return to Vietnam. Although the Czech media present Vietnamese integration as a successful example of integration, Mami’s work highlights darker, more complex, and more ambivalent aspects of the life of the Vietnamese community.

Tuan Mami invited AVU student Minh Thang Pham to collaborate into his project, in which Thang involves his family explore the communications and emotional barriers that exist between the first and second generation of Vietnamese immigrants. Also, Thang invites his friends to come to transform the exhibition to a market gathering occationally.

For their joint project at the Holešovice market, they have decided to create a multipurpose community space, a mobile Vietnamese grocery store with the inventory from an out-of-business Vietnamese shop that is also a hostel and bar. To this social-platform installation, they have added their own art works and projects. Until last year, the Prague Market was mostly associated with Vietnamese-run market stalls, and the market (and Prague 7) are one center of Prague’s Vietnamese community. The project can thus be seen as not only an exploration of Czech-Vietnamese coexistence but also a commentary on Vietnamese community’s business and their living condition, those often have to be quickly transformed and adapted to survive.