Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No6)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No5)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No4)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No3)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No.2)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No1)

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Rehearsal In One's Breath

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22398 steps- 35 hours- 45 square meters- 35 Chinese's ink liters

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The cover no7

The cover no6

The cover no5

The cover no 4

The cover no 3

The cover n02

New coversation

The cover No 1


talk and talk

The Conception

Growing up

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No3)

Project produced for NhasanCollective & Documenta 15th

At  WH22 / Kassel/ Germany 2022

To push the limitations of performance art, Tuan Mami has developed the "Performative Installation" that considers an art works as an environment, a platforms or a situation. As an extension of his study of history and society of Vietnamese immigrants, Mami intends to build an "Immigrated Garden" at Documenta in Kassel in creating a platform for the encounter between art and life.

Immigrating Garden is based on researches about the Vietnamese immigrants in Germany. It is an expansion of research about Vietnamese immigration in different countries from Asia to Western Countries. The ongoing trans-geographic project aims to relearn our human’s migrating history by looking into Vietnamese immigration communities that consists of political refugees, imported laborers, economical seekers, students etc., people who left their homeland to relocate to a new place, new culture... 

How can they adapt themselves to survive in a new environment? Why the smells and tastes of foods/drinks/traditional medicines from home vegetables and herbs are important to Vietnamese people? What are the journeys behind their stories to have immigrating plants? This project focuses on a dialogue between the ‘Food-Home’ relationship, and its impact on our mentality and our daily life.

The garden is based mainly on supports, and sharing resources, stories from Vietnamese community in Germany. The work will be a social platform for interactions for exchanges, collaborations, and sharing resources (includes a free library of seeds/plants for Vietnamese immigration). 

·       Big thanks for your collaboration to architecter Nguyen Ðuc Tuong, Garden expert Fami Farm, for your great supports from Vietnamese immigrant community in Germany, especially from the Vietnamese Community and association in Kassel, your wonderful media team Giang Nguyen, Luu Bich Ngoc, Tran Thu Anh, Ga Canh Ran, Tong Khanh Ha, Van Hoang Ðo, Le Quang Ðao, Le Hoang Nam…