Today- The Death of Cockroach family

The work emphasizes the meaning of ‘Today’, that’s always going to die in the next day, but to be other ‘Today’. It’s always be existed strongly in our thoughts in both senses of unconsciousness and consciousness.
In other hand, it caries all the meaning of being a threat, a safety, a wait, a past, a future…

The word ‘TODAY’ was made by cooked rice. It embodies for living and material. It is the need for being day after day for both human and Cockroaches. It’s the link between : “Today”, “Human”-“Cockroach”.

Cockroach presents a kind of familiar-small-numerous-flexible-persistent-smelly-dirty- dangerous creature.
     The dead cockroach family, in the same time, the image gives us a safe feeling but mentions to a threat in the both senses of negative and positive ways. 
    In the sense of surviving, the dead Cockroach remind to our limited of time and the danger of our modern life as today


In this work, I’m using the characters of Cockroach’s survival and the way they are dying as my artistic view. 
I dig into all the living thing that we are always facing with and figure out the other meanings  to show the lacking aspects or open up dialogues. 


As we known, Cockroach is one of oldest creature that these earliest cockroach-like fossils ("Blattopterans" or "roachids") are from the Carboniferous period between 354–295 million years ago. And they was the only creature which has survived through a nuclear explosion.