Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No6)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No5)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No4)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No3)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No.2)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No1)

Confusion Is Chaos Buried

The Land of Spirit and Mythology

In A Breath-Nothing Stands Still, Chapter 3


Rehearsal in One's Breath. No2

Rehearsal In One's Breath

In One's Breath-Nothing Stand Still. Chapter 2

Hunt the Hunters

In One's Breath-Nothing Stand Still. Chapter 1

In/Visible Borderline. Chapter 2

In/visible Borderline. Chapter 1

A Case Study of an Image

Myth East Mist

From Regeneration To Creation

Protest Against The Void_No2

Protest Against The Void_No1


24 Hours Tension

Today- The Death of Cockroach family

1000 Art Objects Which Have Lost Their Context


Red Line

Morning Exercise

Celebration of our moment

Celebration Of Our Moment And Love

Celebration of our moment & Farewell party

What's the mom waiting for?


From holding to holding

Celebrating of the the end relaxing time

Artist's taste

Let it grows up on

Rice seeds diary

Birds project

changing Identity

Keep it moving on

Changing breath

22398 steps- 35 hours- 45 square meters- 35 Chinese's ink liters

Vienna-Ha Noi

Let come and taste me

The cover no7

The cover no6

The cover no5

The cover no 4

The cover no 3

The cover n02

New coversation

The cover No 1


talk and talk

The Conception

Growing up


The work creates a new living floor in the Japan Foundation Library by covering its floor with 100 kg of rice seeds and thick sheets of glass. ‘A field of rice plant existing in a library’, The pressed rice seeds grow day by day throughout the exhibition duration. The visitors might paradoxically feel the freedom of the rice plants that grow in such difficult conditions as well as the risky and impossible temptation of touching to feel the rice plant.

I the second part, I invited my mother to be an art tour guide who guides in my show by her own perspective about the art. She is required to invite 100 her female fellows to come on the opening. It was the first time in
their life and my mom’s life to go to see an art show. By that engagement, I re-construct the relationship between: The art and my self, my mom and me, different generations, and between audience-art-artist-art space. I analyze the definition of.