Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No6)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No5)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No4)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No3)

Vietnamese Immigrating Garden (No.2)

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Confusion Is Chaos Buried

The Land of Spirit and Mythology

In A Breath-Nothing Stands Still, Chapter 3


Rehearsal in One's Breath. No2

Rehearsal In One's Breath

In One's Breath-Nothing Stand Still. Chapter 2

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In/Visible Borderline. Chapter 2

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22398 steps- 35 hours- 45 square meters- 35 Chinese's ink liters

Vienna-Ha Noi

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The cover no7

The cover no6

The cover no5

The cover no 4

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The cover n02

New coversation

The cover No 1


talk and talk

The Conception

Growing up

In/Visible Borderline. Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Act of Game and Ceremony

Location: Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK, 2016

[Present by Movewith[Out]-Kri´sis initiating by Something Human ]


In this 2nd chapter, I have adapted four key elements from Buddhism (Earth-Water-Fire-Air) to transform my political research issue into religious-mysterious journey of exploring happiness and love, of interaction and energy collection. I connected the earth from the Cambodian-Vietnamese border with the waters of the Trent River in Nottingham, in a multi-form installation that included audio-visual work, the Buddhist water blessing in a performance, a durational participatory performance with water guns and earth and sculpture that will melt the symbolic border posts fabricated in palm sugar, a main source of trade across the Cambodian-Vietnamese border.